Step into the pages of the Vade Mecum

va·de me·cum

[vey-dee mee-kuhm, vah-] 

noun, plural va·de me·cums.

1. something a person carries about for frequent or regular use.
2. a book for ready reference; manual; handbook.
The purpose of this blog is to become a guide, a handbook of sorts, for those of you who enjoy reading. I also hope that it becomes a sort of eye opener for people who don’t really think much of books.
Each day I will try to make posts with different themes:
Education Mondays
Fantasy Tuesdays 
Video Wednesdays
Romance Thursdays 
Science Fiction Fridays
Shall we begin this journey?

Books are boring,

Reading by Geiru

Reading opens minds

Or is that something we tell ourselves to get out of a potentially time wasting activity?

Books are a gateway; open a book and you will find yourself in a whole new world. Information in books can be mundane or so insane you won’t believe what you just read.

One book is all you need to open your mind to the infinite possibilities of this world and the worlds beyond.